Promoting Environmental Sustainability with Vegan Cosmetics

The waterfall located in North America really highlights the beauty of nature.  The Vegan Cosmetics Store really aims to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly living.

Alyssa G is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Florida with a major in environmental sustainability.  She is lives a vegan lifestyle and actively volunteers to promote environmental issues.   

By Alyssa G.

My name is Alyssa and I am studying environmental engineering at the University of Florida. Growing up, I had always been interested in science and studying the ways of nature.  As I frequently travel, I am constantly in awe of some of the world’s greatest natural wonders and find their beauty to be priceless to humanity. I feel that it is important for our society to take reasonable steps to make sure that we leave our environment better than we found it and ensure a sustainable future for the generations to come.

Motivated by the idea of wanting to make a difference, I have become involved in activist groups focusing on environmental sustainability. I also realized that I needed to align my lifestyle with my ideals and decided to become a vegan.  Being a vegan is great for the environment as it is a lifestyle that promotes cooperation with nature—as opposed to simply taking from nature.  I now only buy vegan products, not only because I care about animal cruelty, but because the environmental impacts of being a vegan are usually so much less extensive.

According to one study from the University of Oxford published in Science Magazine (https://science.sciencemag.org/content/360/6392/987), a vegan lifestyle could be the “single biggest way” an individual can reduce his/her carbon footprint.

When I came across The Vegan Cosmetics Store, I was immediately delighted.  I love seeing plant-based companies like this emerge to help promote vegan and natural lifestyles.    With the vegan cosmetics store being online, I am now able to indulge guiltlessly in wonderful products that are typically hard to find. I tried out the Happy Vegan Brightening Face Mask available in the store and it was, honestly, so refreshing. It made my pores feel cool and stimulated without even having to refrigerate it beforehand. The mask specifically brightened my face more than any other masks I’ve used, and made my skin feel tight and soft afterwards. Ordering the item online was so simple and arrived at my house within 3 business days after purchase.

I was also able to call the store directly to ask them about all of their currently available products.  The support staff member was so patient and friendly with me and really took the time to answer all of my questions.  It is important for me to make sure that any product that I buy products are TRULY vegan and free of any animal-based ingredients.  The support staff member was very understanding and she was able to identify product ingredients and explain exactly what each ingredient did for the skin.  This made it super-helpful for determining which new products would be best for my skin type.

I’d strongly recommend The Vegan Cosmetics Store to anyone, regardless of lifestyle choices, who wants to enjoy high-quality, cruelty-free, plant-based beauty products.

(Special blog post from a new store customer of  “The Vegan Cosmetics Store”, near Fort Lauderdale Florida)