Meet Karlene Facey of The Vegan Cosmetics Store in Fort Lauderdale

Meet Karlene Facey of The Vegan Cosmetics Store in Fort Lauderdale

Today we’d like to introduce you to Karlene Facey.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Karlene. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
In January 2019 I made a brave proclamation on a social media platform that I would like to help 100 ladies to establish their business in 2019. I had no idea at that time I would be one of the owners of “The Vegan Cosmetics Store”. At the time of making the resolution, I was and still am the C.E.O. of a Global Market Research and Marketing Company. My thought at the time was to build a marketing platform that would help ladies to grow and promote their businesses. We actually started the development on the marketing platform but got distracted when we conducted some research in the cosmetics industry and found out about the grave need for clean cosmetics products.

What grew out of a need to help others and providing clean cosmetics was astounding. On Oct. 1, 2019, we launched South Florida’s first “Vegan Cosmetics Store”, a cosmetics store with an emphasis on healthy lifestyles and environmental sustainability. Soothed by aromatic fragrances in trendy modern ambiance, customers are able to browse and purchase certified all-vegan products. They are also available online in the USA. The Vegan Cosmetics Store will be the first store in Broward County to carry the INIKA brand makeup line in-store — one of the purest cosmetic labels in the industry. Exclusively available will be the VegoGlam collection—a unique vegan skincare label that promotes healthier skin.

Grand Opening of The Vegan Cosmetics Store

At the opening of the store, we received over 300 job applications. We had over 1,000 worldwide influencers, who applied to promote the store. Unfortunately, we could only employ a fraction of that number. We were, however, able to incorporate many more into the business as we offer collaboration with other like-minded individuals who care about a healthier lifestyle. We showcase products locally made as well as offer space to others wishing to provide health talks, wellness exercises and other activities along that line.

The Vegan Cosmetics Store is focused on providing an overall healthier individual. We understand that the cornerstone of good health begins with eating healthy. My dad survived several forms of cancers including colon cancer and what was thought to be liver cancer by changing his diet and eating more healthy food. He is currently 93 years old, soon to be 94 and has maintained fairly good health since his last bout of cancer when he was 80 years old. At 80 years old after he underwent a surgery for Colon Cancer, he decided to forgo chemo or radiation treatment and opted to use a holistic path. He changed his diet to include more plants and cut out meat altogether.

Inside The Vegan Cosmetics Store in Coral Springs


The concept of The Vegan Cosmetics Store was developed out of a process of collaboration with potential customers, suppliers, and other team members. In the research industry, we call this process co-creation. We had a group of about 100 people involved in the development from the concept to the launch. Each element of the store was carefully researched, including each product that was placed on the shelves and where they were placed. It’s still very early since the launch but what we can tell is that the research has paid off. So far customers have given excellent feedback about the products. The brand has surpassed our wildest dreams. We have had a request from as far as Europe for our products. My personal view about life is “you cannot get very far in life without lending a hand to others”. We have been tremendously blessed with favors as we have tried to extend our hands to help others.


Karlene Facey presenting work to The Vegan Cosmetics Store

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
We had an ambitious goal of launching The Vegan Cosmetics Store in six months from conceptualization. Indeed this was ambitious. We had many delays in getting the store built out including an unexpected hurricane. We had the launch date set and published for Oct. 1st so we felt we had to get it done. With all the delays we were left with five days to stock, staff, train and open our doors to the public. This took the help of our entire management team, staff, the graphics department, our IT department, neighbors, friends, well-wishers and simply anyone who had a hand to lend. This highlighted the fact that “No man is an Island”, we are better together.


Vegan Pomegranate Green Tea Toner Available at The Vegan Cosmetics Store

Please tell us about The Vegan Cosmetics Store.
Our promise is to provide premium quality 100% Vegan Cosmetic products that are Certified Vegan and Cruelty-Free.

A cosmetics store with an emphasis on healthy lifestyles and environmental sustainability. “People are still unsure about what veganism actually means and whether vegan cosmetics are a ‘good fit.’ It is our goal to educate the public and re-introduce vegan cosmetics as a healthy, effective and accessible beauty solution.”

We need them to know you do not have to be vegan to shop at The Vegan Cosmetics Store. We are promoting a healthy lifestyle choice. This is an individual choice and may look different for each person. However, a small step in the right direction will create incremental changes not just in our bodies but for the environment.


  • Inika organic cosmetics are moderately priced with trial makeup kits starting from $18.00 USD
  • VegoGlam cosmetics are moderately priced with Anti-Aging Detoxifying Starter Kit as low as $24.99 USD
  • Also available are hand-made soaps and bath-bombs starting as low as $2.50 USD

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