New Vegan Cosmetics Store Set to Open in South Florida

New Vegan Cosmetics Store Set to Open in South Florida

A new cosmetics store with an emphasis on healthy lifestyles and environmental sustainability is now open in Coral Springs. As of Oct 1st customers are able to visit and purchase a full line of vegan makeup and skincare products for both men and women at The Vegan Cosmetics Store at The Walk on University Drive.



Soothed by aromatic fragrances in trendy modern ambiance, customers are able to browse certified all-vegan products. The Vegan Cosmetics Store will be the first store in South Florida to carry the INIKA brand makeup line  in-store—one of the purest cosmetic labels in the industry (recently listed on Cosmopolitan’s Top 12 Vegan Makeup Brands).   Exclusively available is the VegoGlam collection—a unique vegan skincare label that promotes healthier skin. Customers are able to sample products and speak with our Glambassadors who are available to assist customers, answer product questions and provide personalized beauty tips.


“We are really excited about the new store opening”, says Karlene Facey, CEO of The Vegan Cosmetics Store. A longtime Coral Springs resident and business-owner, Karlene is also the CEO of Clarocision Research & Marketing—a market research company which tests consumer perceptions.  She says, she has long had an interest in opening a vegan cosmetic store due to changing market trends and the potential for a great positive impact.


“We are aware of growing social concerns regarding health and global sustainability. Based on industry research, we see that veganism is rapidly moving from its obscure beginnings into the mainstream, but many still have misconceptions about it.” Karlene says.  “People are still unsure about what veganism actually means and whether vegan cosmetics are a ‘good fit’. It is our goal to educate the public and re-introduce vegan cosmetics as a healthy, effective and accessible beauty solution.” 


The Vegan Cosmetics Store created the VegoGlam cosmetics brand to promote glamourous skin, with the use of plant-based ingredients that are not tested on animals.